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Vasai Auto Rates

Something of interest for all Vasaikars. Vasai Station Manickpur Naka 7 General Vasai Station Maharashtra School 9 General Vasai Station Veera Petrol Pump 10 General Vasai Station Kargil Vijay 10 General Vasai Station St.Augustine School 10 General Vasai Station Krushna Complex 12 General Vasai Station Bhabola Naka 12 General Vasai Station De Mart 14 General Vasai Station Hussenni Coloni 14 General Vasai Station Bangli hospital,Devtalav/vaslai 17 General Vasai Station Tarkhad,Holi 20 General Vasai Station Ramedi...

St. Gonsalo

150 years of St. Gonsalo Garcia

Catholics are getting ready for year-long programmes to commemorate the life of St Gonsalo Garcia, the first saint from India. “We observed three days of spiritual reflections and a solemn high mass was held on Friday evening to commemorate 150 years of his elevation to sainthood,” said Vasai archbishop Felix Machado. St Gonsalo was born in 1557 during the Portuguese colonial rule in Vasai and passed away in Japan in 1597. According to some accounts,...


Vasai-Virar: The new promised land?

For most residents of Mumbai and its extended suburbs, there is a crying need to find affordable houses.Unfortunately, even most spaces meant for affordable housing eventually began offering apartments for middle and high income groups. All of a sudden, there is the possibility of the Virar-Vasai belt emerging as the hottest destination on the Western corridor in Mumbai. What were the reasons behind such a development?Will the housing sector become more attractive in Vasai-Virar Municipal...


Aptitude Tests

School… Exams… Results… and the academic year get over… At the end of it there is one question that keeps on revolving in minds of each student and their parents “What Next?” Yes this is the question everyone has while thinking about their future career. Many times we take admission in college or any other course because someone else did that or parents want their children to go for certain course but due to wrong...

Arvind Inamdar

Special day with Arvind Inamdar

The Manickpur Education Welfare Fund had inviter Mr. Arvind Inamdar (Ex-Commissioner of Police) to share his valuable expertise on IPS/ IAS/ IRS/ IFS examinations. Here are some of the motivating thoughts shared by Mr. Inamdar: The work that you do in your life should be excellent. There should be no compromise with: Excellence Truth (Truth which is beneficial to society not for yourself) Once he asked JRD Tata – The reason for his success. JRD Tata showed...


Thane gets Rs 10.50 crore for developing tourist spots

A sum of Rs 10.50 crore has been provided by the Maharashtra Government for development of tourist spots in Thane district. The fund has been provided under the Regional Tourism Development programme of the Government, District Collector Abasaheb Jarhad said. The move will help tourist inflow in the district located adjoining Mumbai. The project involves development of two spots in Palghar taluka and one in Vasai, he said. Shirgaon Satpati, a coastal location in Palghar,...

Manickpur Church

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you.. Have a wonderful festive season 🙂

Portuguese Classes

Portuguese Classes in Vasai

Portuguese language course for beginners held by a native Portuguese teacher. The classes will be held once a week on Saturday mornings at 9 am, at the Gonsalo Garcia Church, Vasai West. Monthly fees – Rs. 500 per month. If you are interested please confirm via the comment box below. Classes start 3rd December.



St. Michael’s Church, Manickpur Presents “Giovinezza” Uniting Youth For The Betterment Of The Society. “Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future.” Events for 25 Oct ’11 Soccerex Football Festiva Painting and Drawing Competition. Nail Art. T-Shirt Painting. Just A Minute. Face Painting. Band Slam. Events for 26 Oct ’11 Dance workshops. Treasure Hunt Halloween Night. Events for 27 Oct ’11 Dance To The Beat. Prize Distribution. Entry passes for 25 & 27 Oct’11 Eve: Rs. 20/- Participation...

St Pius College

Museum of Christian Art

The Museum of Christian Art, which contains artifacts of centuries old church heritage in the region was inaugurated on Sunday by the archbishop of Mumbai, Cardinal Oswald Gracias. Calling it a contribution to the cultural heritage of the city of Mumbai, Cardinal Gracias said that though was a recent convert to this museum. He confessed he was not bowled over by the concept of the museum when it was broached to him several years ago,...