VVTC Gets Rolling

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5 Responses

  1. Raj R. says:

    A very good service started. Local people were at the mercy of autorickshaw drivers especially during the evening time when people wanted to get their home as early as possible. But they are instead wasting their time standing in a huge line just waiting for rickshaws and the auto drivers used to make a killing running only private during those periods. The locals do not have to stand in long queues just to get home from vasai east to their respective homes in vasai east itself, which is not the case in Vasai west. The people of Vasai west doest wait in such huge queue. So I hope this will bring a relief to the locals. One thing to be done is to make sure the roads not get jammed with traffic as the roads are narrow and are made congested by the private busses, the transport trucks, and the rickshaws.

  2. SunilK says:

    I agree with you. A very good service started.

    Finally Muncipality started doing something for the local [common] people.

  3. Voice of Vasai Virar says:

    Congratulations Municipality ! Keep it up

    We all hope that you will now focus on continuously developing and enhancing the coverage and quality of bus services at all levels, with vision of Safe and Attractive Transport for All.

  4. Sameer says:

    I have tried the service a few times and found it very good. This service has ended the monopoly of the autorickshaw drivers. A big big thank you to the Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation for starting this service.

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